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How do I use a Linket?

1. Make sure the Linket is closed. Attach your longest necklace to the lower clasps first, the middle length to the middle clasps and then lastly, the shortest necklace to the top clasps. 

2. Once all necklaces are attached, open the Linket by sliding the two sides apart.

3. Place the sides around your neck making sure you don't twist them when you do this (it may take a bit of practice). Once the Linket is behind your neck simply slide the two sides back together. 

      What if all my necklaces are the same length?

      Linkets work best with necklaces of different lengths, so if you have some fav's that are similar lengths then get yourself a handy necklace extender.

      Can I layer more than three necklaces?

      You can double up on a Linket clasp - but you may end up with a few tangles (still not as many as without using a Linket). The other option is to wear your longest necklace as usual, and then only attach the other 3 to the Linket.

      Can I leave my necklaces on the Linket?

      Yes! This is a great way to easily put them on and take them off each day.

      Will my chains still overlap?

      Very likely. Our Linkets are great at keeping your necklaces from tangling together, but (depending on your level of activity throughout the day) you may find your necklace chains will start to overlap. This doesn't seem to bother most people but it is easy to fix. All you need to do is take your Linket off, reposition the chains, and pop it back on again. 

      What are they made out of?

      Our Linkets are 14kt Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. Quality materials at an affordable price that are made to last.  

      How do I take care of my Linket?

      Please see our Care Instructions


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