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Linkets are amazing little detangling clasps that make putting on and taking off multiple necklaces a breeze. You can trust your Linket to safely hold your necklaces in place and stop them from getting tangled together.

Made from quality materials, they work best with necklaces of different lengths and will make you fall in love with the layered look all over again. 

Simple to use:

  1. Attach your necklaces to either side
  2. Open the slider clasp and place it around your neck
  3. Slide it closed again to enjoy your layered necklaces the way they should be - tangle free! 



Choose from genuine and hallmarked Gold Filled or Sterling Silver (or get both to suit any style!)

14K Gold Filled - Has 100% more gold than gold plated pieces and provides a stunning, high quality alternative to solid gold (without the high price tag!), hypoallergenic.  

925 Sterling Silver - the standard for beautiful, high quality silver jewellery.   

Linkets will transform your single necklaces into one, easy to manage multi-stand necklace that you can easily wear day after day.