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Care Instructions

All Linkets are either 14kt Gold Filled or Sterling Silver and we take great pride in their quality. Here are a few simple steps to ensure your Linket stays looking it's best for years to come:

1) Do not expose your Linket to moisture - despite what many people think, even gold filled jewellery can tarnish if it is exposed to excessive moisture. It is best to remove your Linket before showering/swimming/exercising etc...

2) Make sure that any lotions/moisturisers/perfumes are completely absorbed into your skin before wearing your Linket. Apply hair products (especially hair spray) before putting on your Linket. 

3) Wipe your Linket with a soft cloth (a soft silver cloth will help restore tarnished sterling silver), ensure it is completely dry (moisture will quickly lead to tarnishing) and ideally store it in an air tight box or bag (your Linket will arrive packaged in a zip lock bag which is a great storage option).

Following these recommendations will not only ensure your Linket is well looked after, but also help keep the necklaces you wear with it in their best condition as well.