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Necklace Layering Clasps

Take control of the style you love

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"I love wearing layered necklaces but would get frustrated as they got tangled so quickly. Linkets changed all that for me and now I can slide my favourites on with ease!"


"I’m so happy to be able to wear my necklaces again and not have to spend hours untangling them!!!"

Ella J.

"No more fighting with my necklaces at the end of a long day! I can just remove them in one easy step and store them without tangling - what a gem of a find!"


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Keep your layered necklaces perfectly positioned

Show off your unique sense of style without it being ruined by tangled necklaces.

Keep your necklaces safe

We pride ourselves on providing quality clasps that will keep your necklaces safely layered around your neck. 

Save time getting ready

Quickly put on multiple necklaces in less than 3 seconds, and just as easily remove them at the end of the day. 

The Fashion Industry's Best Kept Secret

until now...

"I've been wearing layered necklaces for years and was never bothered by having to adjust or untangle them. Honestly I didn't think I needed a Linket. Because of the guarantee I thought I would give it a go. Wow was I surprised! I can put on my necklaces in half the time and don't need help from my husband. I am also getting more compliments I think because my necklaces aren't tangled or twisted people are able to see them better. There is no way I am returning it!" 

- Hayley -

How to use Linkets

Step 1.

Attach your necklaces to each side of the Linket.  

3 clasped gold filled necklace layering clasp separating 3 necklace chains

Step 2.

Slide the Linket open and place it around your neck.  

Step 3.

Simply close the Linket again to be tangle-free! 

All the style... without the hassle!

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